hi, i'm 142 years old

Hey guys…

I’m single again *sigh*

So yeah i was in school, and then when we were doing our self study periods, somebody started singing the Juliette song by SHINee… LOLz and we started singing along then a prefect yelled at 3 of us…the rest stopped just before she came lolz…unlucky day…

then at facebook my friend posted a photo of a worksheet. He was still young when he did this worksheet, and he was supposed to name the animals (the first letter only, the picture was given)….. and at the last question he was supposed to spell ‘duck’ but he wrote the letter ‘f’ in the beginning… lolz so he would spell the word… _______???? lol i think it was censored hahahah!!! lolz

P.S. There’s this guy name Minhua, he has a Tumblr blog (minhuahahaha)! Go follow him, he’s awesome!


Hey guys, short note here, I’m sorry I didn’t post for the past few days because I’m too busy on the weekends so take note of that, okay?

GUYS!! something shocking happened on facebook! I saw a picture by my friend (Huang YongQuan) where you are supposed to tag other people, yeah so he tagged me as the love couple with my other friend (YukiHoshi Poh) which is a wannabe Cosplayer (I am too lolz)… I was so shocked!! I am not in love with Ichigo!! And his cosplay costumes are all… bleh ?!? ALL THOSE SPIKY HAIR ONES! so childish… lol…


hello. this is my status: !@#$%^&*()

as some of you guys know, this means i’m stressed……

this whole week is my exam period, which means overdose of exams. but my favourite paper is my science woohooo! yeah when i was a primary 3 student, my first exam, i actually beat the top student in the level’s score of band 3… YEAH!!! *mischevious grin*

but sadly she was accepted into rosyth :D i cannot take my revenge of maths on her… but now it’s over…

i just realized that i was talking about exams this whole post :D lets talk about something interesting…

so i had this friend i added on facebook last week, he was a lifeguard, and he actually caught people having sex in the pool… he found out because the public went to him and complained, so he bo bian go there and said, “i’m sorry please stop what your doing in the pool right now.” then they replied “oh sorry we from china we don’t know the rules hehe”

lolwat? sex? lol who would do that? and if they don’t know the rules, that means they always did it back in china lol!?! semen in the pool has a possibility of impregnating other women in it…

so this is how long a post will be if i actually had something to think about…

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift; that’s why it is called “present”.

Today is exams….. sigh

ugh… need to revissshhh… ugh

lol like writing a poem… i should stop

n.e.ways, today is mah english and mandarin composition examination (full sentence but inproper english lol) pissed off when mt question pp comes out aaargh… first post nothing to type…… might as well do this for my stress control


that felt…. good. lol some random stuff comin’ up

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